International thought leaders Matsuda and Fox at #MCB18

Keiichi Matsudas videoclip "Hyper-Reality"

With Martha Lane Fox and Keiichi Matsuda, MCB18 has won two highlight speakers who got involved with this year’s MCB topic “How technologies and humans adapt” early on. How do we handle the changes in the digital world, and how can we ensure that digital services are geared to people, and not vice versa? At MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin from 2 to 4 May 2018 in Berlin, you have the opportunity of finding answers to these questions with two important pioneers of the international scene.

Martha Lane Fox, British entrepreneur ( and founder of the think-tank Doteveryone will present her ideas for a more just Internet and the demand that technology must shoulder social responsibility in a joint keynote with re:publica. As a digital scene expert, she knows what she is talking about when she fights for a fairer Internet in her think-tank Doteveryone. “If we want to make the most of the digital world, we need to seize the chance to shape it just as it shapes us”, Fox demanded in her 2015 Dimbleby Lecture.

Japan’s Keiichi Matsuda, director of the much discussed augmented reality short film Hyper-Reality will speak about his aesthetic, the appeal of visual oversaturation and the influence of the latest technologies on our view of the environment. The film maker and designer achieved world-wide fame through his frantically flashing augmented reality video clip Hyper-Reality – to date, it has garnered 780,000 clicks on YouTube alone. In a dazzling vision of the future, physical and virtual reality are merging and give viewers the inkling that we might soon no longer be able to distinguish real and virtual life.