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Photo credit: re:publica/Gregor Fischer

Reflections on the change of societies and political dynamics due to digitization are at the core of the re:publica programme. We are interested in shifting power balances, in societal change and civic digital action. At re:publica we want to talk about what we need to do for a free and open Internet and its relation to the shifting political paradigms on the continent. We want to explore the intersections of technology with politics and society.

In this track we will discuss surveillance technologies, data and privacy protection, e-privacy, Internet shutdowns and net neutrality. We will look at community networks, the effects of AI on society, digital disobedience, as well as new governance models aided by digital technologies.

We invite activists, civil society representatives, researchers and all persons with experience in these topics to help us examine the interplay of technology and society on a philosophical level as well as on the day-to-day basis. We’ll explore the opportunities of civic tech and debate the state of Internet freedom - based on your contributions. Questions we would like to see tackled e.g. include: How do social media platforms influence the shaping of political opinions? How are movements and communities for Internet freedom, digital democracy and open data developing? What social and legislative processes should be initiated to regulate an ever accelerating automation? Can the blockchain deliver on its promise of revolutionizing governance processes?

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    Chelsea Manning in an intimate interview situation with Geraldine de Bastion and Theresa Züger.
    One year after her release, we aim to discuss about hippies and the Silicon Valley; the social, technological and economic impact of artificial intelligence, practical applications of machine learning and the responsibility of developers in regards to technology and politics. Also:Hannah Arendt, civil disobedience, radical politics and the consequences of an uncontrollable state power.
  • Politics & Society
    When technology leads and society follows, unintended consequences – from fake news to bias in AI – are never far behind. In her keynote, Martha Lane Fox will talk about Doteveryone's mission to make responsible technology the new normal. She'll talk about why considering the ethical, social, and human impact of tech should be a fundamental part of design and delivery. She'll show how everyone, from industry to civil society to government, has a role to play. And she'll share her vision of the future – one where digital technologies are useful, trusted, and worth trusting.