VR Cinema @ MCB18

Blended isolations vr

Blended isolations vr
by Julia Leeb

VR/360° Experience | Documentary | 2017 | Julia Leeb Productions
in collaboration with INVR.SPACE | 13'23''
A journey to the endpoints of our world-This unseen journey of self-discovery will catapult you into the most isolated and bizarre societies of this planet that we call our world.


by Theodore Ushev

VR/360° | Animation | 2016 | National Film Board of Canada | 8'10"
Vaysha is not like other little girls: she was born with a left eye that sees only the past and a right eye that sees only the future, and she cannot live in the present. Should she poke out one of her eyes so that she can live in the other’s temporal reality? Or is she doomed to perceive the world from this perplexing perspective?

BRIGITTE & Jonathan Meese

BRIGITTE & Jonathan Meese :
Mother and Son = Reality Meets Art
by Jonathan Meese

VR/360° | Experimental | 2018 | KOBALT Kreation, Berliner Festspiele/Immersion, ZDF/ARTE | 9’03''
The first virtual reality production by Jonathan Meese and his mother Brigitte Meese is a journey into the heart of the dictatorship of art.

Exodus : The GREAt Migration VR

Exodus : The GREAt Migration VR
by Telma das Reis and Ulrico Grech-Cumbo

VR/360° | Documentary | 2018 | Deep VR Wild | 8’57’’
Imagine standing amongst 3 million wildebeest, 400,000 gazelle and 300,000 zebra as they continue their gruelling search for food and water across two countries. The Great Migration in Africa is the most epic animal exodus on earth. We want to take you there to experience the magic and the mayhem in virtual reality by producing Exodus: The Great Migration, a short-form narrated documentary.


by Mikhail Antykov

VR/360° | Documentary | 2017 | Boris Piotrovsky, Sergei Zakharov and Anastasia Mitrohina | 8’55’’
“Would you like to get inside of the Hermitage? Together we will not only be able to get there, but travel to the past and learn its history. This is not simply a museum with collected works of art, it is imperial residence – home of the Russian monarchs”, says the guide in the beginning of the film, offering to depart on the virtual journey. VR cinemagoer will wind up in the halls of the Hermitage, travel through time and be able to get into the areas closed for public.

Kya Yahi Pyar Hai ?

Kya Yahi Pyar Hai ? Is This Love ?
by Gayatri Parameswaran and Felix Gaedtke

VR/360° | Fiction | 2017 | NowHere Media | 22’34’’
Kya Yahi Pyar Hai (Is this Love?) – India’s first VR experience about intimate partner violence (IPV) – invites you step into the shoes of a young Indian woman. Feel Anuja’s dilemmas as she wades through the ups and downs of her relationship with Manoj.

Fighting against ISIS in Iraq

Fighting against ISIS in Iraq
by Christiane Wittenbecher

VR/360° Experience | Documentary | 2017 | IntoVR on behalf of Ringier AG/Blick | 6’58’’
In fighting against ISIS, the kurdish Pesmherga forces teamed up with Iraqi soldiers. Among those units are many whose lives used to be completely different. Until  he terror arrived. How does fighting against a terror militia look like? What drives people to volunteer on the front line? And why should we care at all?

Minotaur VR

Minotaur VR
by Munro Fergusoni

VR/360° Experience | Experimental | 2017 | National Film Board of Canada | 6’53''
The archetypal hero takes a journey through seven stages: birth, childhood, mission, labyrinth, monster, battle and death/rebirth. Through purely abstract, moving images, the corresponding emotional states are conveyed: calm, love, joy, surprise, fear, anger/hate, and death/rebirth leading again to calm.

Stories from Jerusalem

Stories from Jerusalem
by Dani Levy

VR/360° | Fiction | 2018 | Medea Film Factory in collaboration with the Jewish Museum Berlin, ZDF and ARTE | 8’29''
In four fictional short films director Dani Levy takes the viewer to the heart of Jerusalem using 360/VR technology. In each of the 6-8 minute episodes “Faith”, “Love”, “Hope” und “Fear” Levy tells of life in a hot spot of the Middle East conflict, both from an Israeli and Palestinian perspective.


An Israeli stand-up comedian gets involved in an explosive dispute
with aggressive spectators on Zion Square.

A young Palestinian woman is ordered off a bus by a similarly young
Israeli soldier– for a meaningful conversation in the shadow of the
wall between Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Victims of Climate Change

Victims of Climate Change
How Fijis coastal villages suffer from
rising sea level
by Martin Heller

VR/360° Experience | Documentary | 2017 | WELT | 5'18''
See how the rising sea level affects the pacific islands coastlines and people. Three Voices, three victims. Meet Sailosi who already had to relocate with his whole village. Visit Makelesi who still suffers after a cyclone. And experience the situation of Kelepi. His house is broken. Surround by water completely.