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Please enter your accreditation request into our accreditation form. You will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt via e-mail. Please note: This e-mail is not a confirmation of your accreditation. We are examining all requests thoroughly and will be back in touch via e-mail.

We need you to provide proof of the medium for which you work. A press card is insufficient and not required, we mainly attach importance to quality reporting. So please understand that we cannot consider all requests due to high demand – after all, the majority of conference participants (also) work in journalist capacities. Please provide us with proof of publication upon reporting (link to or pdf of your article). Thank you very much!

The deadline for all accreditations is 27 April 2018 at 11:55 p.m. Later accreditations are only possible in exceptional cases. Please note: You are only accredited for #MCB18 once you’ve received a confirmation from us via e-mail. You will receive your personal registration code to confirm your registration shortly before the event.